Debt Advice

Find helpful debt tips to get you over the hump

If you're falling behind on loan obligations, can't make your mortgage payments or are struggling with a mountain of credit card debt, you've got a lot of confusing money questions on your mind. Get the clarity and reassurance you need by seeking professional debt advice -- having a solid plan in place will help you get your finances back under control, without forcing you to resort to declaring bankruptcy.

There are simple everyday money tips as well as comprehensive big-picture debt management strategies you can use to reduce the sting of debt. Get your debt questions answered by starting to think about ways you can commit to being more financially responsible.

Debt Tips for Everyday People

Here are some valuable pieces of debt advice you should keep in mind:

  • Whenever possible, strive to make more than just the minimum payments on your credit card bills. If you only make minimum payments, all you're doing is trapping yourself in a cycle of rising interest without actually reducing your bills. It will take you years to become debt-free if you continue this way.
  • Do not open any new accounts if you are struggling with debt, and do not use your credit accounts to make any new purchases if possible. However, you should not close your accounts either, as this can adversely affect your credit score.
  • Professional services such as debt counseling or debt consolidation may prevent you from losing major assets such as your house or car. If you're awash in heavy debt with multiple creditors, these merit close consideration as possible solutions.
  • Prioritize your spending as well as your debt payments. It's important that you protect major assets like your automobile and your home. Be honest with your creditors about your situation -- they are more likely to work with you to find an equitable solution if you're up front with them than they will be if you try to give them the runaround.

Remember, you're not alone. Millions of people in all income brackets need debt advice and are struggling to meet their obligations. Being smarter with your money and honest with yourself will help you get out of debt faster, with minimal damage to your credit rating.

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