How To Reduce Debt

Say goodbye to debt

If you're struggling with debt problems and are wondering how to become debt free when it seems like you're just treading water month after month, then you need an actionable plan. To find out how to reduce debt, you need to make an honest evaluation of your situation, then implement specific changes to your financial management plan. In many cases, how to get out of debt is a matter of reprioritizing the way you handle your money.

How to Eliminate Debt: Form Your Plan

There are four major ways in which you can free up more money to deal with your debt problems:

  • You can reduce your spending
  • You can increase your income
  • You can restructure the debts you owe creditors
  • You can free up capital locked up in assets you own (such as your house)

In many cases, a combination of more than one of these strategies will maximize the amount of money you can access to deal with your debt problems. Reducing spending means cutting back on household expenses, saving energy, cutting back on entertainment and transportation expenses, and other everyday measures that put money back in your pocket.

Increasing your income should be done without risking your current assets. In other words, making high-risk investments is not a sound strategy here. Instead, look for simpler solutions like getting a part-time job.

Debt settlements and debt consolidation are two examples of ways you can restructure your debts to make them more manageable. If you are interested in these strategies, it's advisable that you speak to a professional debt counselor to learn more.

Finally, you may want to explore the restructuring of valuable assets you own as a means of freeing up capital. If you own a home and have built up a significant amount of home equity, you may qualify for a home equity loan or a second mortgage, which can free up tens of thousands of dollars to help you manage your debts. However, keep in mind that doing so will put your house at risk, so be sure you can manage the monthly mortgage or loan payments over the long term if you opt for this strategy.

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