How To Save Money On Weddings

Plan an affordable wedding

Today, the cost of an average traditional wedding ranges into the tens of thousands of dollars -- enough for a down payment on a house! Many couples are figuring out how to save money on weddings so they can apply that money towards the things they'll need to start their life together. This means throwing a more affordable wedding party, and there are plenty ways happy couples save thousands of dollars if they're willing to put realism ahead of idealism.

Cheap Wedding Tips

Saving for a wedding is one part of the equation; you also have to apply practical strategies to keep the actual costs down. This will require you to make some sacrifices, but the potential for savings is significant. As you save for a wedding, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Trim the guest list. Be judicious about who you invite. One useful strategy is to create a limit on the number of guests on each side. For example, limit the party to 20 guests on the bride's side and 20 guests on the groom's. You can have an inexpensive informal party later for people you weren't able to invite.
  • Have an outdoor reception. Instead of renting an expensive banquet hall, hold your wedding outdoors. This is an ideal solution in the spring and summer months, as the weather will more than likely cooperate.
  • Change the date. Instead of Saturday, go with a Friday, Sunday or weekday wedding -- you could save thousands of dollars by being non-traditional.
  • Shorten the party. Rather than having a full-on party into the wee hours of the morning, limit it to a cocktail reception and a short dinner. If you want to continue the celebration, find someone willing to host a house party.
  • Do it yourself. Create your own wedding invitations, floral arrangements and even plan the menu and cook the food yourself (or with the help of friends)! This promotes togetherness leading up to the big day and can slash your costs dramatically.

Getting creative can help you save money on weddings, and don't be afraid to ask for help! Brides can really stress themselves out trying to do everything themselves, when others would be happy to pitch in and lend a hand.

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