How To Get A Free Credit Report

Access a free personal credit check

It's important to monitor your credit score regularly, not only so that you always know where you stand, but also to guard against any possibility of your identity being unlawfully used by others to attain credit and to ensure there are no inaccuracies negatively affecting your rating. In the United States, there are three major reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Each of these agencies operates individually, meaning that you will have three separate scores tracked. You are entitled to one free personal credit check per year from each of these agencies, and learning how to get a free credit report ensures you stay on top of this important aspect of your financial health.

Get Free Credit Reports

You can get a free credit report online, or you can hard copies of your credit reports by telephone or by mail. There are numerous websites that offer free credit reports to consumers, but you should take care to avoid sites that require you to sign up for subscription services that are for "free" during a "trial period." Such providers of free personal credit checks will collect your credit card information, and if you don't cancel your subscription during the free trial period, you will be charged for services you don't need and you probably won't use. These sites are best avoided; there are plenty of obligation-free options for getting a free credit report online. In fact, it's best to deal each of the three credit reporting bureaus directly; they all have websites set up so consumers can access their credit reports.

You can also order credit reports by mail, by calling each of the three major credit reporting bureaus or by submitting your request in writing. No matter whether you decide to access your free credit report online, by telephone or by mail, you will need to provide each agency with your full name, your Social Security Number (SSN), address and date of birth. If you have recently moved (within about the last two years), you may also be asked for previous addresses.

Your credit score is an important indicator of your financial health, and a low score from even one of the three agencies can adversely affect your ability to get credit. Ensure your credit report is accurate and up to date by requesting your free credit report today.

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