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Almost all individuals need to pay tax to the federal government via the IRS, but understanding which types and how those taxes are calculated can be overwhelming. There are many types of taxes – income, property and sales, just to name a few. Most work off the principle that income or assets must be taxed based on their value.

Understanding Taxes, Tax Brackets and Tax Rates

Tax rates are the percentages at which individuals are taxed. The tax bracket, or range of income in which an individual falls, dictates a corresponding tax rate – the higher the tax bracket, the higher rate of taxes that will be paid. Tax brackets change yearly based on inflation, but inflation rates may stay the same or fluctuate from year to year.

Tax Tips

While there are strategies to help you lower your taxes that involve heavy investment and significant planning, there are also easy things you can do to help lower your taxes in small ways. Researching deductions and incentives, such as greening your home, taking advantage of a child tax credit or maximizing your retirement savings can be an easy way to get money back on your return.

While it may not always mean a definite payout, paying your taxes on time is another way to make your tax return work for you. Back taxes can hit you at the worst time, and may even result in tax liens, which can affect your current and future credit. It's also wise not to rely on your tax rebate to pay debts or bills, as there are many circumstances that can lead to changes in the projected amount of your return or delays in its delivery.

Getting Tax Help

Finding the right tax help depends on your specific situation. You can start by researching various tax laws and types of taxes on the Internet, or you can seek professional help from tax professionals and tax lawyers.

Aside from deadlines and procedures, the most important things you'll want to research are tax incentives and deductions that apply to you. These can help prevent you from owing taxes or can increase your tax rebate, which is the ideal outcome at tax time.

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