Tax Lawyers

Find tax attorney who will go to work for you

Tax issues, whether personal or business, can become complex, which is why you may find yourself in need of the legal services of a tax lawyer. Tax lawyers (or tax attorneys) are trained to handle many issues and can help you settle your tax problems in the quickest, least impactful way possible.

Though any attorney is permitted to practice in the United States Tax Court, tax lawyers have chosen this area as their specialty and will have a deeper understanding of the process. Just as with traditional lawyers, tax lawyers have a variety of specialties. You can find a dedicated property tax lawyer, business tax lawyer or even personal tax lawyer depending on your needs.

Do You Need a Tax Lawyer?

There are a number of situations in which you may require the services of a tax lawyer or tax law firm, such as:

  • You are estate planning or filing an estate tax return, and need counsel or financial planning advice.
  • You're engaging in business matters and need advice on international tax laws or on how to start a business.
  • You have committed tax fraud or are undergoing a tax audit.
  • You would like the court to review your tax claim.
  • You have been contacted by an IRS tax lawyer about an investigation or you plan to bring a suit against the IRS.

Finding a Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers are a part of the Bar Association and hold Juris Doctor degrees. Any lawyer you consider hiring should meet these criteria, and it never hurts to look into additional credentials such as a Master of Laws in Taxation or an accounting background, depending on the specifics of your circumstances.

Tax lawyer fees can run as high as $200 an hour or more, though many states offer free and low-cost tax clinics staffed by professionals who can help you resolve your legal issues.

Not every tax issue will require a tax lawyer – many can be handled by qualified tax professionals, or even on your own with proper research. However, if your issue is highly complex or you believe you need legal representation in order to challenge or work with the IRS, a tax lawyer is worth every dollar.

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